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Agent Charitable Fund raises over $70k to feed Michigan families

Michael Moncel participated in the ACF Golf Outing Fundraiser that raised over 70K to feed Michigan…


Renters & Condo Insurance & What it Covers

Some renters and condominium owners believe their possessions are covered by their landlord's/owner…

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

The amount you will need, depends on a variety of factors – your income, your debt, your age, and…

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Umbrella Policies

Insurance companies offer Personal Umbrella policies to provide additional protection when an…

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Questions Commonly Asked by New Drivers

Are you a new driver, or do you have a new driver in your home? Check out commonly asked questions…


Winter 2023 Checklist

Winter is here, and colder weather creates its own brand of maintenance needs. Make sure your home…